Amarillo, Texas



Full Bio

Hi my name is Maverick, I have spina bifida. That means my spine didn’t form properly before I was born, therefore I have had this condition my entire life and have learned to adapt to a lot of things. Not many things slow me down still! I have played regular baseball as well as regular basketball, with given obstacles. All that was until we found One Chair at a Time. We were so excited to get to work and begin practicing, adaptive sports were a whole new ball game!!

A little back story about me I was born 6 weeks early and my parents had no clue of what was in store. The day after birth I had to have an 18-hour surgery to close my spine. Since then I have had one other surgery on my spine. I can move one leg very little and the other had no movement. I cannot stand or walk. I also have Hydrocephalus and due to that I have had 6 surgeries. All of these surgeries took place before I turned age 3.

Even with all of this I still have a great outlook on life. It takes a lot to get me down. I’m always know to be smiling and in a good mood. I can’t wait to see all the places adaptive sports takes me as well as all it teaches me.